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Alexandre Travassos

Born in Rio de Janeiro, when he was 10 years old he moved to São Paulo, where studied clarinet and graduated at USP. Alexandre was part of Symphonic Band of São Paulo, the group that inspired him to compose his first great work Abertura dramática. Composer rewarded in Brazil and abroad, his works have already been played in Europe, USA and Japan.

Born: Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 1970 VIAF: 987145858137023022173


    • Work
    • Instrumentation
    • Year
    • COMPOSER (BORN – DIED): Alexandre Travassos | 1970

    • Work: Abertura dramática

    • Instrumentation: Banda sinfônica

    • Year: 1994

    Title: Abertura dramática
    Date: 1994
    Instrumentation: Banda sinfônica
    Genres: Clássico (Abertura)

    • COMPOSER (BORN – DIED): Alexandre Travassos | 1970

    • Work: Aurora australis

    • Instrumentation:

    • Year: 2016

    Title: Aurora australis
    Date: 2016
    Genres: Clássico

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