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Acoustic Guitar

The most popular instrument of the group of plucked strings, the guitar has a numeral 8 body format, heritage of one of its precursor, the vihuela.

On the guitar body 's top there is a circular hole called sound hole (or "mouth") and is glued to the instrument fret board. On the guitar's arm there are frets and in its superior extremity are the pegs to pitch the strings. 

A bit of history...



The acoustic guitar's history begins with the vihuela in Iberian Peninsula in the fifteenth century, being the first plucked instrument of Western history with an 8 format. Besides the vihuela, the guitar precursors are also the Renaissance guitar, with four strings, the Baroque guitar, with five, and finally the Romantic guitar, with six. The last one is considered the direct guitar's precursor.


Nowadays the guitar is often used in popular music as choro groups, MPB (Popular Brazilian Music), rock, country music, but it can also be used to play classical music.




Watch the video below to learn more abut of the guitar and hear the vihuela's sound.