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Alexandre Eisenberg

Known for his original interpretations of traditional and contemporary concert music, Alexandre was a flutist in many orchestras in Brazil and abroad. PhD in Composition from Indiana University and holder of two international awards, his works have been performed in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and Japan and it was published in Germany and the United States.

Born: Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 04/12/1966 VIAF: 12565637


    • COMPOSER (BORN – DIED): Alexandre Eisenberg | 1966

    • Work: Arquichorinho

    • Instrumentation: Flute, Acoustic Guitar

    • Year: 1997

    Title: Arquichorinho
    Date: 1997
    Instrumentation: Flute, Acoustic Guitar
    Genres: Clássico

    • COMPOSER (BORN – DIED): Alexandre Eisenberg | 1966

    • Work: Elegia

    • Instrumentation: Piano

    • Year: 2001

    Title: Elegia
    Date: 2001
    Instrumentation: Piano
    Genres: Clássico (Elegia)

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