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Alexandre Ficagna

Graduate in music by State University of Londrina, has a master degree and a PhD in creative processes from UNICAMP. In UEL, he teaches disciplines in Language and Musical Structuring. In 2010 he received the Classical Composing Funarte Award by the piece Vento na janela, whose debut took place in the 19th Brazilian Contemporary Music Biennial.

Born: Brasil, Realeza, PR, 17/09/1983


    • COMPOSER (BORN – DIED): Alexandre Ficagna | 1983

    • Work: Escondido num ponto

    • Instrumentation: Flute, Saxophone, Cello, Piano

    • Year: 2012

    Title: Escondido num ponto
    Date: 2012
    Instrumentation: Flute, Saxophone, Cello, Piano
    Genres: Clássico (Música de câmara)

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