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Jamary Oliveira

A musician, composer and retired professor from the Federal University of Bahia, Jamary Oliveira has concluded his doctorate in Composition by the University of Texas in 1986 and was elected a member of the Brazilian Academy of Music in 1994. Founding member of the Grupo de Compositores da Bahia (Composers Group of Bahia) he has composed for diverse formations. Some of his most proeminent pieces are O Sertão (1964), Sanctus (1971) and Piano Pièce (1984).

Born: Brasil, Saúde, BA, 21/03/1944 VIAF: 34017912


    • COMPOSER (BORN – DIED): Jamary Oliveira | 1944

    • Work: Piano pièce

    • Instrumentation: Piano

    • Year: 1984

    Title: Piano pièce
    Date: 1984
    Instrumentation: Piano
    Genres: Clássico

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