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The Yoruba term refers to a bell struck without a clapper. It consists of a single or double bell struck by a metal or wood stick, usually used together with drums. The agogô is widely used in Afro-Brazilian religious celebrations.

How does it work?

Made of metal, when the instrumentalist strikes the bell (single or double) with a metal or wood stick, puts it in vibration, emitting the sound. In the double bell agogô, the two cannulas are connected by a metal strip.

A little of history...

The agogô was brought to Brazil by the African slaves, who used it in their religious rituals and celebrations.

In the Brazilian Northeast, it is known as "bantu de gonguê" and widely used in cultural practices such as capoeira and maracatu.

In other regions, the agogô was incorporated into the urban samba, being used during the carnival by samba schools.