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The bassoon is a woodwind instrument in the group of the woods that has the double reed system as well as the oboe, and is also part of the symphony orchestra.

Bassoon differs from the oboe by both the format as the most serious sound. Its pipe is bigger and wider and is palette fits into a narrow metal tube and not on the instrument's body.

A bit of history...

As well as the oboe, the bassoon had more holes than keys and was built of wood. Nowadays, it has only keys and continues to be manufactured in wood.






Baroque bassoon built by Cahusac (London), c.1790.



In the 19th century, Jean-Baptiste-Debret portrayed in his works some official events in Brazil where we can see wind instruments being used, including bassoon.


   The band - Debret (19th century)

Watch the video below and learn more about the bassoon.