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The clarinet is a wind instrument in the woods group that has a single reed stuck in the end of the instrument where the musician blows.

How it works?

The clarinet sound is produced from the air passage between the single reed and body of the instrument.

A little history ...

The first clarinets had holes and only two keys and like other Woods Family instruments progressively more keys were added.

Clarinet built by Rottenburgh, Godefroid-Adrien (Brussels) - second half of the 18th century

Currently the clarinet is still built of wood and has many keys that provide this instrument a greater amount of notes that other Woods Family instruments.

A curious feature of the clarinet is that it emits a more serious sound compared to other instruments that have the same size, such as the flute and the oboe. Besides being an orchestral instrument, the clarinet is still widely used in jazz groups and choro.

Watch the video below to learn more about the clarinet!