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Drum Set




The drum is a set of percussion instruments of different sizes and sonorities together with cymbals arranged to be played by only one musician, called drummer. The drummer plays using two drumsticks or a kind of appropriate brushes to strike the instruments.

How does it work?

Being a set of percussion instruments, the drums' sound is produced when the musician strikes its surface with the drumsticks. The instrument usually is built of wood or plastic, but it is possible use metal. The drummer must play seated in front of the drums keeping his left foot on the chimbal and right foot on pedal.


A bit of history...

The drums, as we know it today, began to be used in early 20th century and was played by two or more musicians. After the invention of pedals and stands for the drums, it was possible to be played by a single musician. This instrument has been widely used in different musical styles such as jazz, hip-hop, rock and pop, among others. From the 1980s, manufacturers began create electronic drums.