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French Horn


The french horn is one of the oldest metal instruments still in use. It has a curve tube and is part of symphonic orchestra.

How does it work?


Sound is produced when the musician compress the lips and blow nozzle with greater or lesser intensity.

A bit of history...

The modern horns are quite different from the older ones because now they have pistons. The older horns can be called smooth or natural.

Trompa antiga lisa

In Rio de Janeiro, the instrument always have been present in several contexts such as military or religious and was very important during the colonial period. In the 18th century, its use in King and Queen of Congo Coronation staging parties was painted by Italian Carlos Julião in his collection Riscos iluminados ditos de figurinhos de brancos e negros dos usos do Rio de Janeiro e Serro do Frio. In this painting we can see a horn being played with another wind instruments, strings and percussion.









Courting the black queen in the celebration of Folia de Reis - by Carlos Julião (18th century)



Watch the video below and learn more about the horn!