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The recorder is one of the best known types of vertical flutes and it is constituted by a tube with holes and a nozzle. Another example of vertical flute is the ancient pan flute, characterized by its several tubes, one next to the other.

It belongs to the woodwind instruments family since the recorder was originally carvved in wood. The most primitive recorders ever found como from the 14th century. In the Renaissance, they became quite popular and came in all sizes: sopranino (the most high pitched), soprano, contralto, tenor, bass and baritone. They were frequently used all together, as the following video of the musical group Quinta Essência playing an adapted version of the theme "Jura" from the composer Sinhô illustrates it.



Today the recorders can also be fabricated in plastic and they can be found in every single colour. They have become popular as an instrument to start a musical education.

Recorder in plastic - Yamaha (21st century)