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Snare drum

The dual membrane drum is mainly used in martial, military and traditional bands. Handmade examples are sometimes built of cedar by local musicians, but commercial aluminum boxes predominate, which are also used in samba schools.

How does it work?

The double membrane drum was originally made of animal skin, now replaced by plastic. The diaphragm is adjusted by the side switches on the set screws. The sound is produced when the instrumentalist strikes the membrane with two sticks, usually of wood. The drum is usually suspended by a strap that runs around the musician's neck or rests on his knees if he is seated.

A little of history...

Instrument of Iberian origin, drum arrived in Brazil during the colonial period and was used in bands.

Nowadays, besides the use in traditional and military bands, it is also an indispensable component in the samba schools and in frevo music of the carnival of Recife. In addition, it has been used in popular Catholic celebrations.