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Musica Brasilis is a non-profit organization for making sheet music by Brazilian composers available.

Despite the worldwide interest in Brazilian music, most of the Brazilian repertoires is still in manuscript format, kept in libraries and archives. This was the reason for creating Musica Brasilis in 2009.

More than 45,000 musicians access monthly the digital collection!

After 13 years of activity and more than 2,500 free sheet music online, we are expanding the initiative to countries all over the world.

Your contribution is essential for this new step! Any amount is welcome and your name will be among the benefactors of Musica Brasilis.

Musica Brasilis benefactors:

  • Cloyra de Paiva Almeida
  • Cristina Magaldi
  • Elizabeth Valladares
  • Gustavo Barboza
  • Italo Mastrangelo Staneck
  • Marcos Leite
  • Marta Prochnik
  • Mateus Solano
  • Moyses Liberbaum
  • Nair Novoa