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VIII Circuit Musica Brasilis


The 8th edition of Circuito Musica Brasilis presents, in 2017, 20 scenic-musical concerts in 6 States of all regions of the country, focusing on works by great Brazilian composers. This year, educational actions will be emphasized such as interactive didactic concerts for Public School students, an interactive exhibition on five centuries of Brazilian music and the development of teaching contents to be distributed to students.


Conceived by harpsichordist and researcher Rosana Lanzelotte, the repertoires of the concerts are guided by four themes:

José Maurício Nunes Garcia (1767 – 1830) – 250th birthday

Considered the greatest Brazilian composer of the early 19th century, José Maurício impressed the Portuguese court and all Europeans with whom he lived. Author of vast work, he founded with his own resources one of the first schools of music in Brazil.

Chiquinha Gonzaga (1847 – 1935) – 170th birthday

First female composer of relevance in the country, she broked the gender barriers. Chiquinha was also a conductor and created the first copyright-collecting society in the country in 1917. Among her works are  operettas and many piano pieces.

"Le Boeuf sur le toit" – Darius Milhaud in Brazil (1917 – 1919)

Exactly a hundred years ago, in 1917, the French composer Darius Milhaud arrived in Brazil. Surprised and amazed by the sounds and music he has heard, he takes several scores of Brazilian composers cited in his work Le Boeuf sur le toit.










March for the Conde da Barca – 200 years of death

Antonio de Araújo e Azevedo (1754 - 1817), the Conde da Barca, idealized the Brazil's civiling project. He founded the Royal Press and imagined the French Artistic Mission, next to it came to Brazil the Austrian composer Sigismund Neukomm (1778 – 1858). Neukomm was the first to employ popular genres - modinhas and lundus - in classic works. Among more than 200 works he wrote in the country is the Funeral March for the Count of Barca, a great statesman unfortunately forgotten.

Participating in the performances are the Amazonas Philarmony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of Sergipe and Symphonic Orchestra of Federal University of Pernambuco, the Caldereta Carioca ensemble and the musicians Clara Sverner (piano), José Staneck (harmonica), Marília Vargas (soprano), Marina Spoladore (piano), Ricardo Kanji (flute), Ricardo Santoro (cello), with a total of 143 musicians.   The actor Antonio Caloni revives Darius Milhaud and Helena Varvaki incarnates Chiquinha Gonzaga.