About Música Brasilis

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Rosana Lanzelotte, researcher and PhD in Computer Science, Instituto MUSICA BRASILIS is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to make available Brazilian music scores inaccessible due to the lack of paper editions.

MUSICA BRASILIS has been chosen by the Rio2016 Committee to implement the first Brazilian Music Timeline (http://timelinemusicabrasileira.org), a major cultural legacy of the Olympic games.

Musica Brasilis is a Institutional Member of ICOM – The International Council of Museums and is accredited by the United Nations Volunteers intiative.

Musica Brasilis' sTeam

Conception and coordination: Drª Rosana Lanzelotte

Content Coordinator: Drª Nivia Zumpano

Educational Project: Suely Avellar

Technical Coordinator: Dr. Rodrigo de Santis

Musicological Consultant: Dr. Manoel Correa do Lago

Editing teamBruno Bokelman  | Cesar Bonan

Graphic Design: 6D

Web Implementation: ArteDigital

Legal Consultant: Drª Luciana Freire Rangel

Executive Assistant: Luciana Fonseca

Instituto Musica Brasilis

Ana Luisa Marinho, Christina Raja-Gabaglia Penna, Elizabeth Valadares, Jocy de Oliveira, Manoel Aranha Correa do Lago, Marcos Leite, Miriam Schenker, Rosana Lanzelotte


Instituto Moreira Salles, Fundação Orquestra Sinfônica BrasileiraAcademia Brasileira de Música

Musicology collaborators

Dr. Carlos Alberto Figueiredo
Dr. Eduardo Monteiro
Dr. Luiz Guilherme Goldberg
Dr. Paulo Castagna

English version collaborators of United Nations Volunteers

Luis Falconeri, Geoffrey Chan, Renato Rael, Priscilla Reges, Jessica Mathews, Ana Ataíde Magalhães, Ana Cordeiro, Philipp Moser, David Fernandes, Sarah Marek, Inês Seita, Felipe de Oliveira Gonçalves, Karolina Kasprzak, Janine Mcleod, Vinicius Garcia, Mariana Belo da Cruz, Wamberto P. I. Aladanu, Ricardo Dietz, Sabine Bassien Capsa, Rebeca Esteves, Claudia Almeida, Alexandre de Menezes Yazbeck, Bianca Campos, Renata Neira, Carolina Borges de Almeida, Talita Lilla, Michele Louvores, Rita Marteleira, Hugo Otávio Cruz Reis, Maira Kaye, Rita Pinhol, Raphaela Barros Prado, Claudia Buttura Vazquez, Gabriela Martins Durães Brandão, Alexander Alva, Carolina Taboada, Ana Carolina Araujo, Dalcio Marcal, Carolina Panzolini, Alexandre de Assis Venicio, Ana Cunha, Thiago Portilho, Carolina Marcicano, Guilherme Oliveira, Ana Macedo, Ines Botelheiro, Eviano George, Adriana Gonçalves, Alessandra Chorsky, Maiara Carvalho, Sunpreet Randhawa, Veridiana Rodrigues da Cunha Silva, Taciane Muniz Moreira, Luciana de Oliveira Passos, Ana Neves, Izabel Casias, Nuno Miguel Serra Pereira, Frederick Leandro Araujo, João Cicero Cesar, Larissa Peixoto Gomes, Janeth Barcelo, Ana Rosado, Marcia Dias, Sergio Santos Jr, Mario Martins Lourenço Filho, Carmen Hojmark, Adriana Martins, Felipe Sales Gomes, Denise Neves, José Eustáquio do Carmo Jr, Francisca Amélia S. Pontes, Julia Krause Ferraz, Melissa Sant'Anna, Natália Lindner, Camila Sasaki, Mariana Mourao, Andrew Melim, Joanna Maria Lobocka, Maria do Val da Fonseca, Plinio Santos, Florence Oliveira, Marina Souza, Mariana Ceballos, Gilvan Ferreira Filho, Matthew Peacock, Tommaso Ruggiero, Ken Leon Souza, Caroline Binda, Tatyana Tulinova, Giselle Chaves, Robin Munby, Patricia de Sá Ribas, Larissa Noronha Chaves


"Since 2008 music education is obligatory in all Brazilian schools. Musica Brasilis contributes to supporting it by proposing open educational resources developed by researchers on music and e-learning, leaded by Dr. Rosana Lanzelotte. The contents of the website are extremely valuable to cope with the lack of music educators and learning objects. I hope the initiative may find the funding it needs to carrying on such relevant task." – Prof. Dr. Malvina Tania Tuttman - CNE - MEC  (National Council of Education – Brazilian Ministry of Education)

“Musica Brasilis is one of the best recent initiatives in Brazil, combining music and history as instruments for valuing national culture.”
Dr. Maurício Vicente Ferreira Júnior – Director – Imperial Museum
“I hereby testify that Dr.Rosana Lanzelotte has been leading, for several years, a most relevant task force devoted to making available Brazilian music scores, many of them unknown or forgotten. I strongly recommend Dr. Lanzelotte to any institution that could support Musica Brasilis’s activities.”
Monsieur jean-Paul LEFEVRE  – Délégué general - Alliance Française au Brésil

“Music is one of the main cultural expressions of a nation. Furthermore, Brazilian music is the most remarkable representation of its identity abroad. Musica Brasilis initiative is, thus, utmost relevant as its main goal is to disseminate Brazilian music. The portal user-friendly interface and games are bound to attract youngsters’ attention and interest. More than 1500 scores by present and past composers are available, enabling the performance of Brazilian repertoires all over the world.”
    Alfredo Leoni – Ambassador of Brazil in Poland

“Musica Brasilis is essential for disseminating Brazilian culture and music throughout the world.“     
Danilo T. Costa – Chief of Cultural Sector – Brazilian Embassy at Minsk, Belarus

“The initiative is excellent and helps coping with the lack of editions of present Brazilian music. Congratulations for contributing to the diffusion of contemporary Brazilian music.”
    Marlos Nobre - composer

 “Musica Brasilis achieves a major contribution when proposing Brazilian classical repertoires for educational resources.”
    Turíbio Santos – Brazilian Music Academy